Coaching is a powerful way to create structure, awareness, momentum and action for change. It’s not about having a conversation or talking hypothetically. It’s about being very intentional and looking inside yourself with laser-sharp focus. It’s about honoring the longing and hunger for a more fulfilling life. It’s about asking yourself the really hard questions and truly listening to the answers.

Trish M specializes in life coaching, faith-based coaching, success coaching, spiritual growth and personal development coaching, and relationship coaching (Engaged, Divorced, In-waiting). Coaching with Trish M is an ongoing professional relationship to get you moving from where you are to where you want to be. It’s about present and future; It’s goal oriented; It’s action oriented. The transformation, elevation and results happen over time. However, if you are in a place and feeling the need or nudge to move, and you need a right NOW resource for clarity, direction or breakthrough, then coaching with Trish M is the way to go. If you’re ready to get unstuck, get focused, get balance, get moving, get living, get happy, get over and get on with your life, then Trish M is ready to get started with you today. If you are in need a sounding board for turnaround but you don’t have a coach, mentor, advisor or subject matter expert, this would be a FABULOUS first step for you.

You can expect to:

• Discover your true creative calling and purpose.
• Set specific long-term and short-term goals for your life, business, ministry, etc.
• Become aware of your thoughts and behaviors to get to know yourself fully.
• Dig down to the root causes of the fear, anxiety, doubt, and self-sabotaging habits that are stifling your creativity, and release them permanently.
• Plan effectively so you can take the right actions to achieve those goals.
• Make career decisions that satisfy you because they are rooted in your core values.
• End your procrastination by focusing on one task at a time so you don’t compromise your artistic essence.
• Get rid of the chaos, confusion, clutter, and disorder in your life
• Move beyond living a mediocre life
• Position yourself for success/ learn new success principles
• Create order in your life
• Learn how to prioritize
• Prepare yourself for ministry
• Become more productive… and experience the exhilaration of “I can do this!“

Are you thinking about coaching with Trish M but wondering if you would be a good fit? No problem… worries!! You are a FABULOUS fit if you are:

1) a woman (mostly professional women)
2) a woman of faith
3) successful, searching for success, unfulfilled, unsatisfied or unhappy
4) an aspiring & new entrepreneur
5) an aspiring & new coach
6) an aspiring & new speaker

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