Hi, I'm Trish M.


I have been empowering and strengthening women in the faith to be absolutely fabulous- spirit, soul and body- for over a decade now. 

empower and strengthen women to walk in purpose, build their faith, and live the life that God has destined for them to live through biblical teaching, sound doctrine, empowerment conferences and seminars, as well as professional trainings & mentoring sessions.

I challenge women to live a whole, fabulous and purposeful life NOW.

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You belong here if:

  • You're a FAB woman of faith who is ready to be empowered and strengthened to walk in purpose in order to fulfill destiny and live the life God intended for you to live.
  • You need motivation and inspiration that will help change your life.
  • You desire to hear God at a level never before reached.
  • You need to be surrounded with like-minded women who are ready to walk in purpose like never before.
  • You want to develop a deeper, more intimate relationship with God.
  • You are ready to be the best version of YOU.
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I'm so glad you're here!

It's not by chance that you are here. You found me because you know I empower women to be fabulous. I empower them to trust God every step of the way by building their faith through the word of God so that they can walk in purpose and live the life that God has destined for them to live. 

I help women of faith go from feeling frustrated to confident and secure in who God has called them to be.  

I help them to be WHOLE- spirit, soul & body.  

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"Why Be So Stubborn?"

Yep….we’ve all had our moments of stubbornness! We have to be honest with ourselves…how much of our lives evolve around being stubborn? Dictionary.com states that stubborn is:

1) unreasonably obstinate; obstinately unmoving.

2) fixed or set in purpose or opinion; resolute: a stubborn opponent of foreign aid

3) difficult to manage or suppress

4) hard, tough, or stiff, as stone or wood

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