Fabulous Keys to Getting Your Prayers Answered

Learn the biblical strategies that will help you see a manifestation of blessings from praying the RIGHT way.

Did you know that many Christians are praying the wrong way?

Learn simple strategies that will take you from living a life of frustration to a life of manifestation. It's simple. Let me show you how to pray powerful prayers that will reach the throne room of God.

Next Level Prayers

You can see manifestation through prophetic prayers.

Learn the biblical principles that will bring manifestation:

  • Learn strategies that help manifest blessings.
  • Learn to pray the right way.
  • Understand 5 key things that will hinder your prayers.
  • Take your prayer life to another level.
  • Understand biblical principles that will take your prayers to another level.

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

It's time to pray more effectively so that you can manifest your dreams. You don't have next. Your time is now.  Get biblical principles, precepts and concepts that will change your life!


Hi! I'm Trish M!


I want to mentor you. I want to help you manifest your best life NOW! I have been mentoring and developing people from all around the world for over a decade now. One of the things that I help them get an understanding of first is PRAYER. We want to live our best life, but I have seen that we are praying prayers that may cause that BEST like to linger instead of manifest! Ouch! Let's stop doing that!  By taking this class, I'm going to teach you how to pray effectively. I am also going to teach you 5 major things that HINDER prayers instead of manifest prayers. 

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