You’re Birthing GREATNESS

Jul 14, 2023

Get ready... you’re about to birth GREATNESS! Something phenomenal is about to happen in your life. I need you to have a spirit of expectation that it’s already done! I need you to have the mindset that things are shifting in your favor! I need you to know beyond a shadow of doubt that this is your winning season! Birthing greatness is yours because of your FAITH! 


The person that comes to mind that birthed the greatest gift to mankind is Mary. Mary was a simple woman. She was a believer. Prior to being Jesus’ mother, we had heard nothing spectacular about Mary. But for some reason, she STILL found favor with God! That lets me know that you don’t have to be famous, or have tons of money, or connected to certain people to have favor from the Lord. Mary found favor with the Lord because she loved Him, and she trusted Him. God saw her as somebody He could use to bring glory to the earth realm. 


Can you be the “Mary” that God needs you to be right now? It’s going to require something of you. Are you ready?  The first thing it’s going to require is your FAITH. And when you are afraid, God wants you to cast that fear to Him so that He can give you the confidence that you need to endure. You can do this. You can’t give up. You’re about to see one of the greatest manifestations in your life than you have ever seen. You simply can’t give up. #Selah 

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