You Can Win

Jun 23, 2023

I hope you got a chance to read last week’s blog on responding the right way. This is part 2. I want to encourage you, that no matter what’s going on, you can still win. You can still come out victorious. Whatever the enemy is trying to do to beset you, don’t let him win! Watch how you respond to situations and to people. 


I have had many times where I wanted to say “forget everything”. Forget this…forget that…forget them! Life can be so frustrating sometimes, but we can’t give up. We have to figure it out and watching how we respond to it all is key.  


Last week, I talked about not responding the way you always respond. That’s hard because it forces you to hold your tongue to what “feels good” releasing. It’s never for your good. It only gives you the mentality that it feels good. We have to get over ourselves in those moments. We have to decide to change. Change is necessary if we’re going to win. We can’t keep doing the same thing but expecting different results. Change is what’s going to help you WIN! #Selah 


Check out my podcast below as I break down 7 ways to respond the right way Part 2. It’s going to bless you! 


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