Aug 24, 2023

We are in the last month of the 3rd quarter. We’re heading towards the final quarter of the year, and before you know it, it’s a whole new year all over again!

Ok…so this blog is simple. I want you to go ahead and prepare for what you want to attract in the new year. Preparation is about to meet up with opportunity! That means that what you are preparing for now, you will soon see! I prophesy that to you right now in the name of Jesus! 

Here’s the catch…. the keyword was “preparation”.  I want to help you prepare for the good things that God already has stored up for you. You simply have to prepare yourself to receive!

So here are a few things to know in order to attract your next level of blessings and breakthrough:

1. Get your mind focused on what you want, then position yourself to receive it. It all begins with a thought. You will attract what you think! Here’s the thing though. You can’t think about the good thing, but then negate it with all the reasons why you can’t have it.  You can’t let fear, anxiety, lack, stress, etc. interfere with what you are preparing your mind to receive. So, I’m going to need you to get your mind right because so as you think, so shall your life be!

2. Release all the negative energy! Like….right now! Negativity never gets anyone anywhere! So, drop it like a bad habit. Replace it with declarations of faith, hope, and blessings. Negative will attract negative. Remember that!

3. Release the failure of yesterday. If you don’t, you’ll keep attracting that SAME failure, but in a slightly different way!

4. Be grateful. Gratitude attracts blessings, favor, and grace from God. Find simple things to be grateful for, and you will attract more. Take out your gratitude journal and begin to write daily at least 5 things you are grateful more. When you do that, God will see that you are grateful for the little, so He will open the door to so much more!

5. Declutter. If you get rid of unnecessary stuff, you will attract and make room for the good stuff! Clean your house, your car, your mind,  your bedroom, your closet, etc….when you do that, you give “more” the opportunity to come on in!

These are just a few things… I may give you some more next week. We’ll see. I’m trying to prepare you for another level of greatness! We’re in it to win it! Let’s do this!

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