The POWER of the Altar

Dec 07, 2023

Altar- a place of slaughter or sacrifice

An altar also represented a place of consecration (act of worship). 

An altar was often built to commemorate an encounter with God that had a profound impact upon someone.

At the altar, a sacrifice has to be made. A surrender must be given.

I truly believe God is calling us to lay something down at the altar. This could be anything, but it's all based on the person. He could be asking you to slaughter the pride, slaughter the insecurities and fears, the bad habits, the negative mindsets, the frustrations, the relationship you should NOT be in, etc. The list could go on and on, but one thing that I know.... something happens when you surrender at the altar! God takes it personal when we humble ourselves and bring our "stuff" to Him. He wants the sacrifice. He wants your surrender. He is simply waiting on you!

 Here are a few things that happen at the altar:

  • Power is released.  (Elijah burned wet wood- something that couldn’t be burned, got burned- proved that there was no God like Jehovah God)
  • You give God something to work with. (your heart, a situation, your pride, circumstance, etc.).
  • Worship/Praise happens.
  • Laying down of your life (selfishness, pride)
  • Gain access to God’s heart.

 There's so much more that I break down on my podcast. Tune in as I dive into the POWER of the altar. It's going to bless you.

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