The Faithful & Fabulous Woman

Jul 07, 2023

Faithful and fabulous go hand in hand. Being faithful is absolutely fabulous in the eyes of God! God loves a faithful believer! Matter of fact, He says in His Word that without faith, it's IMPOSSIBLE to please him!


That let's me know a few things:


  1. Faith has to be your best friend. You have to walk with faith, talk with faith, be led by faith, etc. Faith has to always remain a part of your life.
  2. Faith is divinely connected to God. Without her, you can't please God. Without her, the hands of God can't move on your life! Whether it's faith the size of a mustard seed or bigger... you gotta have FAITH in your life!
  3. Faith helps you establish good credit with God. When you have good credit in the natural, you can go and get anything you want. When you have good-credit with God (FAITH), you can ask Him of anything according to His will, and it's done for you! Whew!

You can never lose sight of faith. She has to always be with you. Once faith manifests in one area, you now have to have faith for another area. You can never quit on faith. You can never let go of faith. Letting go of faith is like letting go of God. We can NEVER ever do that!


Check out my podcast. This interview with Prophetess Denise and Lady Christi is going to help you go to another level in your FAITH! Tune in now. 


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