The Anointing of the "First" Lady

May 30, 2024

When we think of "first lady", many of us think of a Pastor's Wife who sits on the front row looking cute. That's not the first lady that I'm talking about though. 

There were several first ladies in the bible who accomplished great things. They may have been the first to pave the way, but there were others that came behind them. The fact is...God anointed them to do certain things. When we talk about "anointing", it simply means to be chosen by God and empowered by His Spirit to fulfill a certain assignment in your life. 

God knows something very special about you! He knows that nobody can do what He has called you to do at the level that He has called you to do it! You are very special to God. That's why you are chosen. Now, the caveat is that if you don't walk out the purpose that He's called you to walk in, then He can get someone else to do it; however, they will never do it at your level. They can only do it at their level. That's why it's so important to be the chosen one that He's called you to be.

You are chosen to set a tone. You are chosen to run a race. You are chosen to fulfill a call. Even if it's frustrating, God chose you! Even if it's challenging, God chose you! Even if it feels like you're alone or don't have enough...God chose you! You may be the first to do it, and that's ok. You may also be the only one doing it right now...hey...that's ok too! God just simply wants you to do or be who He has called or chosen you to be!

These ladies were the first mentioned in the bible to do certain things:

  1. Eve- Anointed to be the first mother.
  2. Sarah- First lady to endure and conquer infertility issues
  3. Miriam- 1st Prophetess Mentioned
  4. Deborah- 1st Woman Judge Mentioned
  5. Junia- 1st woman Apostle Mentioned
  6. Mary- First Woman Anointed to carry the Glory
  7. Mary Magdalene- 1st Woman/Person to Preach the Resurrection of Christ

And just like they were called, you are called too. What is it that God is giving you to do? Are you fearful/doubtful? Are you making excuses, or are you making it happen? Whatever God said, do it. Whomever He called you to be, be it. Walk by faith. Trust the process. I know you may have questions on the "how", but I simply want to encourage you to trust the "WHO"!

Tune in to my podcast below. I go deeper on the anointing of the first lady. It's going to bless you. Make sure to share.

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