Spirit of Confusion

Oct 12, 2023

There is so much confusion going on in the world today. People want to "identify" as something they're not. Now get this...this is NOT speaking those things that are not as though they were. This is taking on a whole new identity that God never gave. For example...a man now wants to identify as a woman and a woman a man, etc.

We have to understand that anytime we "identify" as something that takes us outside of our purpose and call, it takes us outside of God's will for our lives. Anytime we are outside of God's will for our lives, it opens the door for the enemy to come in.

What I have seen in ministry is that oftentimes we as Christians begin to "identify" with circumstances and situations. We identify as being broke, depressed, anxious, tired, weary, lonely, fearful, etc. Why? Because of our situations. We forget that our identity is through Christ Jesus, and with Him we can be and do all things. So even if the money is funny, I don't identify as being broke. I see past the brokenness of my finances and know that greater is on the horizon. Even if there is sickness, I don't identify as being sick, I identify as being whole by the stripes that Jesus bore for me.

One thing that I teach is on demonic spirits and demonic oppression. I break down how certain spirits enter in, and how they tend to operate in our lives. Many Christians are very naive to the enemy's tactics and don't realize a lot of things that they go through is spiritual.

Join me as I teach on the Spirit of Confusion and how it operates. Check out my podcast below. It's going to bless you!

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