Signs Your Season is Changing

Nov 08, 2023

Can you tell when it's time to shift out of something? Can you tell when God is trying to do a NEW thing in your life? Is it hard for you to leave something comfortable and so familiar even though you know it's time to shift?

I really want you to think about that right now. God is trying to make you very aware that He needs you to shift WITH Him and not AGAINST Him. 

There are signs. Just don't ignore them. I tell people all the time... nothing JUST happens. Things happen JUST because. Just because God is trying to get your attention. Just because God is trying to stretch you and open you up to something far greater. He does that... JUST BECAUSE!

 Here are few signs that your season is changing:

  1. A stretch to be greater happens. Stretching brings discomfort. Discomfort brings growth.
  2. A deeper conviction….You feel convicted when you’re not being the right person that God needs you to be. God convicts, never condemns.
  3. You no longer want to be around certain people or certain environments because you know they no longer serve you purpose for where God’s taking you.

 There's so much more that I break down on my podcast. Tune in as I chat with my husband about the signs of a new season. It's going to bless you.


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