Restoration on my Mind

Jul 28, 2023

I preached a word a couple of weeks ago about restoration. We are truly in a season of restoration. God is restoring some things in your life. He’s renewing you. He’s refreshing you. He’s taking care of you like never before in this hour! 

For restoration to happen, He may have to come in and fix some things. He may have to repair a few things. He may have to pull up some stuff because it’s old and mildewed. Whatever God is doing, let Him do it. You are in a season of elevation. You are in a season of newness. God is reviving you. You are seeing things differently. You’re doing things differently. You’re watching your words! This is all a part of the restoration process! 

  1. You got to want it. You got to want God to do a new thing in you. God won’t force it. You’ve got to allow God to come in and clean up some things in your life. 
  2. You have to be vulnerable. I know you’re strong, but it’s ok to show where you’re weak. God already knows. He’s waiting on you to talk about it with Him. 
  3. Talk to someone who can help you in your restoration season. Vent up to someone who can help. That could be a therapist, a friend, a leader, a pastor, etc. Vent up! 
  4. Restoration requires wisdom. Wisdom to know what to do, when to do it, who to talk to, who to trust, who to let go of, what to let go of, etc.  

These are just a few things. I go into great detail in my podcast. Check it out. It’s going to bless you! 


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