Peacemaker or Peacekeeper.....The Choice is Yours

Mar 07, 2024

Matthew 5:9

Blessed are the peacemakers,
    for they will be called children of God. NIV

 We will always have a choice in life. God is challenging us today in a particular area. Will you choose to be a peacemaker or a peacekeeper?

There are big differences between the two. Let me share...

1.Peacekeepers seriously do not want to be the cause of discomfort. Peacekeepers are often afraid of conflict or simply don’t want conflict. 

They think that if they don’t say anything, they’ll have peace, but within they’re breaking apart!  They keep telling themselves this.. "I aint gonna say nothing"..... in hopes of things getter "better".

2. Peacekeepers tend to keep their issues to themselvesin hopes of being seen as someone who doesn’t cause or feed into drama.

3. Peacekeepers often avoid having to deal with people who are different from themselvesin order to limit the amount of “feather ruffling” that goes down. God needs you to ruffle the feathers …in love! If you’re going to grow somewhere, you have to do it.

On the other hand, let me give you details about peacemakers:

  1. Peacemakers share the perspective that peace must first be disrupted in order to allow for greater peace to enter.They speak up, anticipate discomfort, and hang on, not because they want to argue, but because there needs to be some type of understanding…the meeting of the minds has to happen.
  2. Peacemakers take initiative to create spaces for brave conversations.They understand that real engagement can get messy before it gets better. They understand they’re "growing somewhere" and getting better in making peace.
  3. Peacemakers are active on creating an environment for peace to be possible.No task, no conversation, and no person is too small in the mind of a peacemaker. They speak up for themselves and allow for others to join the conversation and to do the same. They understand the need to “work it out”.

Which one are you? God requires us to be peacemakers as His children. Sometimes, we're not bold enough to do it. #Selah

Tune in to my podcast below. I go in depth on the power of being a peacemaker. It's going to bless you. Make sure to share.

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