Molested by 3 of Her Brothers

Dec 07, 2023

3 of her brothers molested her. Her mother rejected her. Her mother even broke her arm to the point her bone came out of her flesh. She became pregnant by another abuser. Her child was born only 2 lbs, expected to die and not live a long life. She was in relationships filled with domestic violence..... beaten time and time again.

Today, she is a multi-millionaire!

Dr. Gail James allowed her trauma to be a stepping stone to her success. She did not give up. She did not give in. Yes, she had suicidal thoughts. Yes, she even tried to kill herself... that didn't work. God had bigger and better plans.

We learn from her story...never let trauma kill you. Let your trauma elevate you. There is breakthrough on the other side!

Tune in to my podcast below. My interview with Dr. Gail James will blow your mind. Don't miss it!

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