Hearing Needs Obedience to Win

Jul 21, 2023

What did God tell you to do? What did He put deep down in your spirit? You know it’s God giving it to you, but for some reason you’re still hesitant. You’re still fearful. You still got questions because maybe things still aren’t perfectly aligned for you.  

I gotta tell you. Delayed obedience is still DISOBEDIENCE. We can’t walk around acting like God didn’t put it in us. What is it that He put in you? Is it an apology you should have given, is it a conversation you were supposed to have had, is it forgiving someone, is it letting go of someone or something, is it starting something new and refreshing, is it sowing a seed, is it praying and fasting more, could it be a ministry, a business, going to church more…etc. Whatever it is that God said, you have to be like Nike……. just do it! 

I’m reminded of the old prophet and the young prophet in the book of I Kings. The young prophet knew what God told him to do. Matter of fact, he was in the process of doing it and completing his assignment when along came an old prophet who was jealous and envious of him. So much so that he lied and manipulated the young prophet out of his assignment from God. Because of that, the young prophet missed out on what God had for him because he died prematurely due to his own disobedience.  

I want to tell you something. Don’t you let anything, or anybody get you out of position. Don’t you get distracted in this hour! Too much is riding on you being focused and obedient to the Father. God has next level blessings waiting on you. You can’t miss it. Please understand that the enemy will use anything or anybody to distract you. Stay focused. You got blessings to manifest! #Selah 

Check out my podcast where I break down the story of the prophets from I Kings. This teaching will change your life. Tune in and be blessed! 

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