Guard Your Mind

Mar 07, 2024

I put out a post this week. Let me tell you what it said:

"Your mind was the first computer created. Don't let the enemy  plant viruses that shut you down. #Selah"

So often we allow our thoughts to run wild. We let them be carefree...think how they want, be how they want, make you think what they want you to think. I came to tell you to stop those thoughts dead in their tracks when they lead you astray. When they lead you to a depressive state, insecure place, worry and fear takes over, isolation sinks in, anger, resentment, rejection, hurt, pain, etc. 

I can tell you who you are in this now season based on what you have been thinking. , are you confident and secure? Or, are you worried and stressed out? Are you anxious or frustrated about something? 

 Have you ever took time to analyze the road that your thoughts are taking you down? If you can analyze them (your thoughts), then you can redirect them to get them on track. It's up to you. Choose which direction you desire to go.

 Tune in to my podcast below. I go over just how expensive your mind is. It's going to bless you. Make sure to share.


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