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Prophet. Pastor. Wife. Mother. Motivational Speaker. Empowerment Coach. Entrepreneur.

Trish M is a powerful, anointed woman of God who preaches, teaches, motivates, inspires coaches and prophesies just as God gives it to her. Her vision is to see more and more people’s lives changed by being saved, set-free, and delivered; fulfilling their call to walk in the things of God wholeheartedly. Trish M is the Executive Pastor serving alongside her husband, Senior Pastor Derrick Morrissette, at Mind of Christ International in Alabaster, Al. She has served as the Director of the Prophetic Ministry and Prophetic Training at Kingdom Agenda International Ministries in Panama City, Fl for over 2 years. She has had intensive prophetic training at the Marketplace International School of Prophets with Apostle Jocelyn Mathis where she was 2nd in charge under Apostle Jocelyn in training other prophets on hearing the voice of the Lord; not only that, but she has also done extensive prophetic training at C.I. Vision Church in Santa Rosa Beach, Fl. With a global mandate on her life, Trish M is determined to use her voice to bring change to communities and nations all around the world.

Among her many accomplishments, Trish M is an extremely successful business owner. She takes business ownership to another level! She is the owner and CEO of Professional Translations Inc., a translation company that translates to and from over 160 languages worldwide and has over 1000 translators from all over the world in network. She took her business, Professional Translations, from making a measly $125 in one year (yep, it’s true), to making well OVER 6 figures the following year!!!! She grew her business to this magnitude with very little money, and is now training women from every walk of life who has a passion to start her own business on how to do just that!! God has given her a mandate as part of her ministry to develop Kingdom Financiers for the Kingdom of God. That’s exactly what she plans to do!
Trish M’s vision is to see women fulfill the mandate and call that’s on their lives. Whether that means spiritually, mentally, or even financially, she wants to see every woman successful in whatever God has called them to.

Her philosophy is simple:

FabMind = Next Level FabThinking
FabSpirit= Hearing the Voice Of God like Never Before
FabBusiness = FabMoney

Trish M Ministries houses her self help, business, spiritual and personal development training programs for women called COACH ME FABULOUS, which motivates and inspires women from all around the world to be FABULOUS…spirit, soul, body, & business by overcoming and being all that God has called them to be.

Her COACH ME FABULOUS program aids women in next level thinking….you either go BIG, go HARD or simply go home! It also transforms women from the inside out. She and “Team Fabulous” assist women in several different areas of their lives:

Her challenge to women of all ages comes in 3 parts:

1) Mind- Next level Thinking… She wants to help create “The Fabulous New You”! Trish M challenges women from all around the world to overcome adversity, fears, insecurities, and doubts so that they can be the Kingdom Leaders that God has called for them to be!

2) Business- Let her show you how to be “The FABULOUS CEO”! Trish M shows women how they can start a business or take their current business to a fabulous new level so that they can be the Kingdom Financiers that God wants them to be. God wants to pour wisdom, knowledge, and revelation on how we can be a fabulous success in the world that we live so that we can finance the kingdom of God like never before. We are in a season where the wealth of the wicked is truly being spread abroad to the righteous! Trish M loves helping women become leaders when it comes to handling business in the secular world.

3) Spirit- Trish M has been training prophets and those who operate in the gift of prophesy for many years now. God has called her to wake up his people so they can hear clearly like never before what the spirit of the Lord is saying in this season of their lives. Trish M coaches the children of God on how to hear the voice of God in these last and evil days for such a time as this!

Program 1 : The FABULOUS New You Coaching Program (90 day Virtual Training Program)

Program 2 : The FABULOUS CEO- (90 day Virtual Training Program)

Program 3 : FabLife Prophetic Coaching (3, 6, or 12 Month Training Program)

Program 4 : From Drab to Fab in 21 Days (21 Day Training Program for Ultimate Success in Life)

Blogging is also a passion of Trish M. She blogs in the areas of spiritual, motivational, self help, business and fashion. Her work has had special appearance in Jet Magazine.

Trish M is also a member of the NAPW (National Association of Professional Women). There she served as the President of the Panama City chapter of Panama City, Fl from 2012-2013. Trish M was also nominated as “Professional Woman of the Year” in 2012 and 2013. She is also a platinum member of the BossNetwork, one of the top women networking organizations in the world according to Forbes Magazine.

Trish M has had special appearances on All About Entrepreneurs Radio, Biz Talk Radio with Roy Williams & Crystal Neville, PTWWN Television, Power 104.4 Radio, Hugs Radio, Dixie 94.5, Sister Talk Real Talk, Women of Integrity, The MAXOUT Show with Zenovia, JET MAGAZINE, GIG HotLine, ABC 33/40, Hope Magazine for Women and have commercials that air on Comcast nationwide! Yep, she’s definitely about her business!

Not only that, but Trish M’s company, Professional Translations, was nominated as 2015 Small Business of the Year for Shelby County!

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