Success blog; / Mar 22, 2019

What’s the value in that??? #Prophetic #Selah

I have a simple truth for you today. It’s real simple. I hope you get it.

Everything that has value in life is a product of consistency.

Wow. Think about it. In order for it to be valuable, it has to be consistent.

The sun is valuable to us. It has to rise and go down daily. It has to consistently provide for the earth in order for the earth to grow and produce.

Trees and food are valuable because they consistently grow and produce what we need in life.
Now, let’s break it down to you. What are you consistently doing in your life that is going to bring value to others?

Are you consistently growing? Are you consistently working on your attitude? Are you consistently studying your word? Are you consistently showing up and doing what is necessary? Are you consistently learning? Are you consistently saving? Are you consistently doing something that is going to take you to the next level of your life?
In order to bring value to the table, you have to consistently be who God needs you to be. You have to consistently do what God needs you to do.

Take me for example. I purposed in my heart to consistently be present. I want to consistently show up when needed. I consistently work on my deliverance, my wholeness, my wellbeing, my business, my ministry etc….If I consistently work on being great, I’m going to bring value to someone- whether that be friends, family, business colleagues, etc. But the only way to do that…..I have to consistently do it; I can’t just go one day or every now and then. Consistency is the key.

If you want it, you have to be consistent in order to have it. You have to consistently grow daily, become daily, believe daily, declare daily, etc….when you do that, I promise you…’ll bring value to everyone and everything around you.

Let’s be consistent. Don’t half-step. Your next level depends on it.

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