Success blog; / Jul 7, 2017


My blog for today is simple. Do what God is putting in you to do.

Each of us has something different that He’s giving us…new job, new location, break off relationships, get in new relationships, invest in yourself, sow a seed, etc…

Whatever it is, you already know. Now is your time to be like Nike and just do it. Just do what He is telling you to do and NOT what your flesh is saying.

There is a blessing in your obediene that’s going to take you to a new level in God. You simply have to trust Him. Are you ready??

These next 6 months are going to be amazing. But, it’s depending upon what you do now, the decision you are about to make or are in the process of making.

All God needs is for you to trust Him. Are you ready?? #Selah

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