Success blog; / Jun 13, 2019

The Intensity of Your NEXT

Intensity – great energy, strength, concentration, magnitude

Do you feel all of that in this now season of your life? We are almost halfway through the year. God is intensifying your next level. He is giving you a hunger and thirst for more like never before. Your desire for your next is like a “great energy” moving throughout your mind and your body. In getting to your next it’s going to require “strength” and stamina, focus and determination. It’s going to require you getting out of your comfort zone. It’s going to require you making decisions in THIS month that’s going to take your life to a whole new level! Can you feel it? Can you sense it in your atmosphere?

This is the month of decision making. This is the month of you focusing on who God needs you to be. Six is the number of man. We are in the sixth month of this new year. In this month, you will make decisions that will either get you closer to God and closer to your NEXT of what God has for you, or you will make decisions that will take you further away from God and His will for you in this season! Which will you choose? You will feel a “magnitude” of pressure to make a decision one way or the other. What decision(s) will you make?

The intensity is here. The next level is here. You have to make decisions like never before. Some decisions are small and may be quite simple, but others may be challenging and stretching. Either way, make the right choice according to God’s will and not your own. Doing it your way can get you lost. Doing it God’s way will bring breakthrough and favor. Make the decision(s). And while you’re at, don’t walk in the flesh. Walk by spirit, and you will receive the blessings and favor of God for your NEXT. #Selah

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