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Quitting- Not an option


The challenge of yesterday is the creator of today’s experience that forms tomorrow’s success, so don’t back out at the face of challenges. ~Gendy O Mbah

People give up everyday. CEOs quit leading. Athletes quit working out. Sales people quit selling. Couples quit their marriages. People quit their diet, working out, and exercising. They even quit “quitting smoking, drinking or clubbing” and decide to go back to that lifestyle. Nearly 80% of people who start a home-based business quit within the first year. Wow!!

They give up on their hopes, dreams, aspirations, desires…they give up on their future not knowing that the very thing that they’re giving up on is the very thing that would have allowed them to accomplish their dreams. A little bit of work, a little bit of frustration, a little bit of challenges…and wala…… You got yourself the perfect recipe for success!!

I think about when I was first challenged to leave my full time job of teaching for 8 years to go into the insurance sales business. I didn’t understand why God was leading me in this direction. All I knew was that I had to be obedient. I went into insurance sales and hated it!! I made more money than I did working in the school system, but the desire and passion for the job was just not there. I was just working for a paycheck….or so I thought! Nevertheless, I worked in the field for about 6 months total until my time was up, and I was suppose to move on to starting my very own business…Professional Translations, Inc.- a translation company that translates to and from over 160 languages worldwide. The thing about this was…I had no idea why God led me into insurance sales until I started my own business. The training that I received while in insurance was everything that I needed to know in preparation of launching my own company! How crazy is that! You see…If I would have quit doing insurance all because I didn’t like it, I would have never gotten the preparation that I needed to launch my own company!

Many people would have quit in the middle of that process. They would have come up with every excuse in the world as to why they should leave. Instead of thinking about why we should leave, it would be a great idea to start thinking of the reasons why we should stay. There is always a purpose in the middle of that process. Do you understand or even know what that purpose is, or are you more concerned about how you feel about the job right here and right now. God has you there for a reason. What is that reason? What exactly are you suppose to get out of this entire process? This is definitely something that we should be thinking about before making any quick decisions.

Also, think about it along this line. Ok…. so your business is not making the amount of money that you want it to make. You haven’t made all the right connections yet. Your appointment book is looking really scarce. Do you give up? Or, does your hustle get stronger? Measure your hustle. How much time are you spending getting uncomfortable? How much time are you spending by passing out your business cards? How is your marketing campaign going? What goals have you set on a weekly basis for adding new clients? Do you have a process for how you plan to add those new clients? If you don’t have an answer for the above questions, then the reality is, you shouldn’t be thinking about quitting; however, you should be thinking about creative ways to make your business work. It will definitely work if you get out and work it! Quitting should NOT be an option!

Once you know the REAL reason people quit, you will be able to protect yourself from quitting on your own dreams. And you can help others from quitting on their dreams. Have you ever heard of extrinsic motivation? Neither had I. That is, until I started researching this information. I must say…it was eye-opening. Extrinsic motivation is when you are motivated by external things, like money, recognition and rewards. Motivated by… “The check?” “The status” “the ‘in’ crowd?” etc… Extrinsic motivation works….. For a while…. About a minute anyway. You won’t stick around long enough to create any lasting wealth if you only have extrinsic motivation. Why? Well, if you don’t get a big paycheck, you get frustrated and quit. But intrinsic motivation??? That’s what keeps people going.

Intrinsic motivation is when you are motivated by inner things like purpose, passion and mission. People who are motivated intrinsically do not quit very easily. They stick. Sales jobs have the biggest turnover. It’s all extrinsic motivation. If you make the sale, you get the check and a pin, but that’s it. Most sales managers don’t care how you made the sale. They just reward you on the results. Will you be willing to work your business intrinsically….meaning, even if you didn’t get paid, you would grind and hustle until the dollars started flowing in. Giving up is not even an option for you when you work your business intrinsically. The passion makes it all worthwhile!

No matter what phase you are in, know that you are in this position for a reason. There is purpose behind it whether you are on a job or have your own business. Don’t give up on your purpose because it will soon cause you to live your passion. Hustle, grind…do what you got to do to make it happen. In due time, you shall reap a harvest!

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