Success blog; / Jul 21, 2017

Now Is the Time!

The world itself is coming to a very low place in the eyes of God. I prophesied a few weeks ago at my church that a sign of that would be sinkholes popping up all over the world as a sign that the world is sinking to an even greater level of sin. This displeases God greatly! Since then, just the other day in Florida, a massive sinkhole arose with 11 homes being affected and 2 homes sinking under. (Read article —> This is just the beginning. You will hear more of this happening all over the world like never before. God is speaking!

At the same time that the world is sinking, God is saying that those that are in me, those that choose to be obedient….this is a NOW time of blessings and breakthrough! Yep, that means you and me! God is about to open up the windows of heaven and pour us out blessings that we don’t have room enough to take in!

So, I need you to name your NOW blessing! Yep, name it, claim it, and have FAITH to believe in a NOW manifestation! God is up to something BIG for us! The next 6 months will produce amazing blessings for the sons and daughters of God! The world is going to get even more chaotic. The sinkholes….celebrity deaths are going to SHOCK and AWE you, celebrity bankruptcies like never below, terror attacks, etc….these things MUST happen as a sign of judgment, for the Lord is displeased greatly with the sin! But, because we are in Him….because we walk in obedience and faith….God is going to bless us! That’s something to shout about!!

So, be encouraged. You’re about to experience God at a whole new level! It’s going to amaze you! So, be expecting! Declare it, decree it, believe it….and in this NOW season, you’re going to receive some of it! Trust Him! #Selah

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