Fashion blog; / Aug 25, 2017

Nope Not Today With Trish M

Hi Fabulous Ladies! It’s FRIDAY y’all!! No negative vibes today….it’s good vibes only! I thought this look would be perfect to bring out for our Friday look of the day! This long sleeve tee is now on sale at Trish M Fashions for only $25!!! Yesssss! I love this shirt! I dressed it up with a skirt and heels, but I can’t wait to dress it down with my jeans! Can you see this going hard with some jeans and boots in the fall??? I sure can!! Hurry on over to We have many things on sale for our Flash Friday Sale. Today’s sale is $25 till midnight tonight! Go ahead and get you something FABULOUS before it’s gone! Like this shirt for example…..LOVE IT!! Happy shopping y’all! #muah

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