Success blog; / Oct 23, 2015

No Comparisons


How many times have you taken your life and put it against the life of someone else? How many times have you felt badly about what you don’t have & desired to have or achieve what someone else has? The harsh reality of this is that if we continue to allow our mind to compare and desire the things that another person has, then we allow a spirit of envy and jealousy to soon take over our hearts. A covetous heart is one that is hard and callous. Instead of the comparisons, use other people’s lives that you admire, as an inspiration to help you accomplish your dreams. Use it as a motivation to do what you need to do to make some things happen in your very own life. Those that inspire you had to work to get to where they’re at. They had to work hard to do what they are doing. Excuses aren’t accepted, but hard work, dedication, and determination is the key to their success as well as your very own. The fact is….. there is a uniqueness about them that can’t be replicated by anyone. Comparing yourself to someone else is a waste of valued time. Understand that no one can do what you do at the level that you do it. The question is… have you tapped into what you do extremely well? Have you challenged yourself to get to that next level or are you happy with where you’re at or what you’re doing? Let the lives of others be your inspiration and motivation… a stepping stone to your next level. Again… no one can do what you do at the level that you do it. Instead of comparing, take notes. Strategize. Implement. Be inspired, but be unique at the same time. The reality is…..there are others out there who will be looking at YOU for inspiration and motivation. So take notes, and learn well my friend. You’re a superstar. Don’t be intimidated by others. Be inspired. Dream bigger. Go harder. Go higher, and you will soon be admired.

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