Success blog; / Oct 23, 2015

How Dare You!


How dare you think that just because you’re going through difficult times that God has forgotten about you, or better yet, that He won’t bless you!

How dare you give up your hope of being a mother, wife, father, or husband as if God doesn’t have that in His master plan for you!

How dare you sit on your gifts and talents with the lame excuse that “it’s just not your time and season”, when there are people all around you who need what God has placed on the inside of you!

How dare you think that your situation, your trial, your tribulation….is bigger than your GOD!

How dare you think that God won’t bring you OUT of this dry season that you’re experiencing right now!

How dare you get depressed and isolate yourself from the people who love, need, and care about you the most….. all for the sake of “you’re just going through something right now”!

How dare you NOT elevate your faith so that you can receive the promises that God has for you!

How dare you believe in everybody else but refuse to believe in yourself!

How dare you get caught up in your feelings and refuse to forgive those that hurt, neglected, abused, rejected, abandoned, backstabbed, or even hated on you!

How dare you think that God can’t heal your mind, body, spirit, or even finances when the enemy strategically attacks you in those areas!

How dare you think that God can’t restore any relationship…..including your marriage!

How dare you choose “not to love again” when God so graciously loves you!

How dare you NOT follow your dreams when God has given you confirmation after confirmation to move forward!

How dare you procrastinate and block your next level of success!

How dare you!!!!

Stop making excuses.

Stop whining.

Elevate your faith.

Start perservering.

Dare to be different.

Dare to be unique.

Dare to trust God.

Dare to follow your dreams.

God is with you.

He believes in you.

Now it’s time for you to start believing in yourself.

Your time is now.

How dare you continue to miss out on your blessings and breakthrough!

Believe. Receive. Achieve.

I dare to you to be all that God has called you to be!

I dare you!

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