Success blog; / Oct 13, 2015

Guess Who’s Got NOW?


The time has certainly come…the hard work, determination and dedication has paid off.  You realize that doors of favor are beginning to open.  People are calling on you more…asking more of you.  Your light is shining, your gifts and talents are being acknowledged.  You never knew it would happen this fast.  So many people doubted you, hated on you, disliked you….they didn’t understand your purpose or God’s plan for your life.  They didn’t understand why you couldn’t go to the same places they were going…why you couldn’t do some of the same things that they were doing.  They didn’t understand your grind….the praying, the fasting…they didn’t get those moments of isolation.  The people that you had to “unfriend” on Facebook……. the people that you had to stop calling so much or even texting.  They didn’t understand that what was happening in your life, was preparing you for your NOW!  Your now has come.  You’ve persevered.  You’ve sacrificed.  When you wanted to give up in the middle of the press, you kept going.  At your lowest moment, you found the strength to encourage yourself.  You chose to not let your sight hinder your vision.  You didn’t focus on the here and now, you focused on where you were going.  You understood that the person you were suppose to be was screaming to the person that you actually were……to let them out!  Now, that moment has come.  Favor is upon you.  Grace has gone before you.  You’re rising up for such a time as this because you realize….You got NOW!  You been having NEXT for far too long.  Next is no longer part of your vocabulary.  Now is what you speak.  Now is what you believe.  Now is what you walk in.  Now is what you have faith in.  You truly understand that….YOUR TIME IS NOW!!  Embrace it, and take advantage of EVERY opportunity!

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