Fashion blog; / Oct 21, 2015

Favor Aint Fair with Trish M


Hi Fabulous!
I love, love, love my new line of tshirts for my ministry– Trish M Ministries. This one…”Favor Aint Fair But It’s Mine” is a personal declaration of the favor of God over your life. It might not be fair….people might hate and not like what you do or what you say, but one thing that I know, if God is in it, there’s no stopping it!!! Sooooo, we have to remember to keep walking in purpose, stay focused, steadfast and determined to get all that God has for you. As you continue your steps of faith, God is with you the ENTIRE way and will manifest favor like never before!!!! So, if you want to get one of my shirts, don’t worry! We have all sizes! Just click here —–>

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