; / Oct 16, 2015

Kendra Davis

After reviewing my notes on video #2 the WORD FAITH has stood out to me as the key ingredient! Prophetess Trish Morrissette you BAD GIRL! YOU A BAD MAMA ‘ JAMMA!!! I feel just like this FISH…. I’m jumping out of this bowl of little faith, into a level of faith I have never even experienced! How can I lose when ” ALL OF HEAVEN IS BACKING ME UP!” That statement alone delivered me from my elementary – mustard seed faith mentality!!! It’s time for some BIG GIRL FAITH!!!! Wheeeew—-GOOD STUFF!!!! I am so glad I’m in this training program. Thank YOU JESUS!!!!! THANK YOU GOD for the vision, insight, and OBEDIENCE of Prophetess Trish Morrissette! This course was tailor made for me. I’m getting what’s mine ya’ll LOL!!!!

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