Success blog; / Dec 6, 2019

But I just want to….

Have you ever felt like you wanted to punch somebody in the mouth, cuss them out, slap them in the face, etc…..because they did something that stirred up your flesh soooo much! It’s in that moment that you simply want to react. You don’t think about the consequences. You can see yourself going OFF. You can hear the EXACT words that you want to say coming out. You can see yourself fighting and winning….. but then, you see that that’s the old you trying to manifest. You know… that part of you that’s been delivered, but you keep getting tested to see just how “delivered” you are! Yeah….you know exactly what I’m talking about!! So, here’s the thing. That was me just on yesterday. My whole everything was tested! I had so many emotions running inside of me because of what somebody did and said! OMG….I can’t begin to tell you how I simply wanted to go OFF! I wanted to!! I’m being real. But it was in that moment that I had to gather myself before doing that. I had to realize that it was a trap. It was a setup. I’m way bigger than this. I’ve grown too much in the things of God. I mentor too many people when it comes to things of the spirit. I assist in pastoring too many people. I’m called and chosen by God! To whom much is given, much is required! There are so many people depending on my leadership. So, what do I do? It’s simple. Well….it is, but not really THAT simple. I simply don’t do what my flesh wanted me to do. I didn’t give in. No worries y’all….I didn’t cuss anybody out or punch them in the mouth. Cussing was never my thing anyway.  I didn’t allow my soul to control my spirit in the way that it desired. Now listen, that doesn’t mean that I was perfect. That means that I simply didn’t give in to my flesh. The “old me” would have gone OFF! But I intentionally, on a daily basis, make my soul a slave to my spirit so that I can be all that God desires me to be! Am I talking to you today?  What fleshy area of your life do you need to surrender? Is it the desire to fight, cuss, cheat, give up, give in, etc? Don’t let someone else’s actions dictate your reaction. We can easily put stuff on the person we are responding to simply because of “what they said, did, or didn’t do”.  I’m here to cheer you on. Don’t give in to foolishness. Control yourself. Let go. Let God. It’s a powerful testimony when you do!#FromAnOvercomingWoman

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