Success blog; / Sep 27, 2016

3 Things Hindering Your Breakthrough

Breakthrough is that thing that everybody wants and desires at some point in their lives. describes breakthrough as any significant or sudden advance, development, achievement, or increase, as in scientific knowledge or diplomacy, that removes a barrier to progress. Let’s be real…we all want God to make some type of advance in our lives so that barriers can be removed that hinder our progress, right?

So now, ask yourself. What or who is hindering you from advancing to your next level? Many times it’s a person, a thing, a mindset, religion, tradition, family etc. Whatever it is, or whomever it is, make sure you realize it or your breakthrough will always be hindered!

So what are the things that’s stopping you?

1) Self. Ok, I’ll be honest. This is probably one of the top things that hinder us. Our very own selves!!! We get in our own way. It’s time for us to start realizing that. How do we do it? We allow things such as fear to hold us back. Things that are deep down inside of us such as hurt, pain, issues from our past…those are the things within us that tend to hinder us. Even our perspective. What if your perspective didn’t match God’s perspective? What if what you thought God was saying really wasn’t what God said? What if…..think about it. We want so much from God, but many times our own thoughts, emotions, and selfish ways will hinder the move of God…the very breakthrough of God! That shouldn’t be so! We need to analyze our lives. We need to analyze our emotions. We need to realize what’s really going on deep down inside of us so we can remove it, especially if it’s a barrier that’s hindering our own progression. Don’t let YOU be the cause of YOU missing your breakthrough.

2) Distractions. Did you know that the enemy strategically sends things and people your way to get you off course? He simply wants to see if you will take the bait, and when you do, do you know what Satan is saying?? “Got em”!! Yep, that’s what he’s doing. Satan is very discerning. He knows your weakness. He knows how to reel you in and get your mind unfocused. You have to purpose within your heart that you will be more focused than ever before in this season, time and hour. The first step in realizing that you have a distraction is acknowledging that you are distracted! Think about it….are you spending way too much time at work that you really don’t have a life? Are you spending less time with the ones you love because certain things keep coming up? Has a certain person come into your life that completely distracts you from the things of God and now you find yourself doing things that you know you shouldn’t be doing? Are you more focused on paying bills and making money than you are about being in God’s presence? Think about it. Distractions are real. They do what they were designed to do, but are you doing what you were designed to do? If you’re not walking fully in your divine call and purpose, then it’s up to you to acknowledge it, and loose yourself of the distraction(s) that’s hindering you!

3) No vision or plan for breakthrough. If you want breakthrough, you have to plan for breakthrough; you have to envision it on the horizon; you have to envision what you will do with it when it comes. Are you just living day to day in hopes that God will manifest something new and fabulous into your life? You have to do more than live! You have to envision; you have to have a plan; you have to take necessary steps so that breakthrough manifests for you! The words says, without vision, the people perish. We want God to breakthrough for us in many areas….finances, marriage, relationships, health, etc….but how are you putting your faith into a vision plan for the Almighty to manifest it? Now that’s a selah moment right there! Know that God wants the best for you, but you have to want to the best for you as well. Begin to write a vision about how you want God to breakthrough for your house. After that, create a vision board for it so that you can see it everyday. Once you create your board, as often as you can, declare your vision into the atmosphere while you are looking at your vision board. It seems petty, huh? Not at all! You’re doing exactly what the words tells you! By doing that, God can’t help but breakthrough for you! All it takes is your obedience and your faith!

It’s time for your breakthrough! Are your ready? Press pass these 3 obstacles, and I can assure you you’re on your way!

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