Success blog; / Apr 6, 2018

10 Ways… #10 Fail, Fail, FAIL!!!!

So we made it to step 10 in becoming a better YOU!! Woohooo!!

When I was thinking of the last one to include in this blog, the thought came to me….talk to them about being a failure! Now I know that’s not typical, and a bit outside of the box, but it’s truth!

See, I am one who looks at failure slightly different than the average person. If you look up failure in the dictionary, it will tell you that failure is “the act of failing or proving unsuccessful”.

I am one who will encourage you to fail time and time again. Yeah I know…who wants to fail, right? But see what you don’t get is that there is beauty in the failure! There is beauty in it if you allow it to teach you a valuable lesson! So, you failed at a marriage, relationship, business, writing that book, spending time with kids, prioritizing your life, etc…….but my question to you is….what did you learn from all of that?? What did you learn that could help propel you to the next dimension of reaching your destiny??

You see, I look at it like this. In all things, I win! I win in everything because in everything, I am open to the lesson that it taught me!

I think about my first year in business…..only making $125 for the entire year! Yep, totally felt like a FAILURE!! I look at all those years of having miscarriages, and struggling to become a mother….yep, I felt like….a complete FAILURE!!! Or, when I didn’t meet my goals or expectations! #FAILURE!!

To be honest with you, my list of failures could go on and on, but one thing that I know…I won in EVERY single one of those situations. Failures taught me perseverance. Failures taught me how to bounce back. They taught me how to trust God like never before! They taught me to reevaluate what I was doing that wasn’t working, so that I could do something different that could totally set me up for the win!!

Nobody likes to fail, but I love to look at every ounce of what I thought was a failure, and I challenge myself to make it a success! You see, not making money in my business the first year could have totally convinced me to shut it down! But that didn’t happen because this one right here just AINT no quitter! Having so many miscarriages could have totally convinced me to adopt and forget all about trying to conceive, but instead, it brought me closer to God in learning to pray, fast and completely trust Him every step of the way!

In all things, we WIN! However, if you keep doing the same thing that produced a failure in your life, but expect a totally different result, then that’s called INSANITY!! Learn from your mistakes. See what wasn’t working and do something different to make it work, but whatever you do, you cannot give up in the process!

It aint over till God says it’s over! As long as you got air in your body, you still have to fulfill your purpose! In doing that, you’re going to make mistakes, you’re going to miss it sometimes; however, it’s what you do in the midst of the mistake that matters. You made the mistake(s), but it only made you better, stronger, wiser, more resilient, determined, and more qualified than ever before to WIN at your next level!

So fail…yep, that’s right! But in the midst of failing, make sure to make your failure count towards your next level of prosperity and increase! Destiny awaits. Purpose still has to be fulfilled. So fail forward in the process. God got you! Remember that!

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