Success blog; / Feb 28, 2020


You are fabulous. You are unique. You are bold. You are fierce. You are powerful. You don’t make excuses. You do everything that is required of you in this season. You don’t allow fear to control you. You know who you are. You’re confident. Your self-esteem is where it needs to be. You have increase all around you. You don’t let lack consume you. 

You’re learning to breathe. You’re learning to live. You’re learning to enjoy life. 

You’re learning more about you than you have ever learned before.

There were things that you tolerated before. You’re NOT willing to tolerate them anymore. There are people that you are cutting off. You’re moving on. You’ve outgrown the seasons that you have experienced with them. This is a new time and season for you. You see that now.

If you ever start having doubts, I’m going to need you to read this all over again just to remind yourself of who you are and where God is taking you in this season of your life.

That is all.

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