Success blog; / Aug 20, 2020


Have you ever been in that place?  You know….that pressing place! That place where you have to make major decisions. That place where you need clarity, guidance, understanding, and direction….that place where you need to hear from God and hear from Him now! Yeah……THAT PLACE!

You see, that’s exactly what the Garden of Gethsemene is. The name itself means “pressing place”. You’re in a season where you have to decide (like Jesus did) if you’re going to press into God no matter what!

In this garden, you will either allow it to be:

A place of oneness with Godor it can be a place of separation from God.

A place of clarity….or it can be a place of confusion.

A place of revelation….or your place of rebellion.

A place of Exposure— Jesus exposed the human side of Him being the God-man.

This garden will teach you various lessons that we learned from Jesus. Are you ready?

1 – Location is EVERYTHING

  • Our location can be a great influence on whether we obey or disobey God.  Watch what or who you are around in this season of your life.

2 – False Perception of Your Company 

  • You can’t expect somebody else to do what God called you to do! Jesus was looking for Peter, James and John to war for Him in prayer, but He soon learned that He had to do it for Himself! There are certain things that gotta be with just you and God! Not your spouse, brother, sister, best friend, coworker, etc…..Your company has to be The Father, Son and Holy Spirit as you enter into the garden. You have to expect a Holy Ghost encounter!

3 – Control Your Emotions

  • Jesus was emotional in the garden. So much so that He sweated drops of blood. He said, “My soul is crushed with grief to the point of death.” Our emotions can get the better of us when we struggle with obeying God. We may become heavy and sorrowful, bitter, angry, frustrated, insecure, depressed, feelings of rejection, etc…. Emotions can destroy purpose and destiny while in the garden.If Jesus had to have given in to His emotions, He would have doomed the entire world! He wanted the cup to pass, but He overcame His emotions so that He could fulfill the purpose for His life.

4 – Ask For Help

  • Jesus, finding himself with a heavy heart, goes to his disciples, and lets them know how he is feeling: “My soul is crushed with grief to the point of death.” He was being real and transparent with them!’ If you know you need help in this season, don’t be afraid to reach out!

These are just a few of the lessons that I ministered on Sunday. Please check out the full message below. It will bless you!

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