Success blog; / Apr 5, 2019

Will you do it?

Will you get over every ounce of fear from deep within? Will you get over your own insecurities? Will you shake yourself loose of the rejection and pain you endured all throughout your life?

The way you answer those questions will determine how the rest of your life will go.

That’s right. If you’re stuck in fear, insecurities, doubt….if you’re stuck in the fear of not belonging…the fear of not having…the fear of being hurt….if you’re stuck…and you don’t choose to get unstuck, you’ll become a pillar of salt looking back at what was! My question for you is what is NOW? What can you be? What can you do? Who can you become? Will you be one that’s always trying, hoping and wishing upon a star for the approval of man or the approval of God? Listen….your next level of success is depending on what you do in your NOW! Your next level of success is depending upon how you view your past. Do you see it as a stepping stone or stumbling block? Do you see it as a testimony or a lifestyle? Your next level of success needs you to know, to do, to become, to focus….you need to focus on who you need to be. Are you being who man wants you to be or who God wants you to be? Really think about it…

This is what I wrote on social media this week…and I want you to get it now.

Understanding who you are catapults you to another level! If you know you are called to be successful, then you have to do what successful people do so that you can be your OWN kind of success.

Here is what I told my MOCI family this morning… Successful people do what unsuccessful people WON’T do. Successful people don’t just think success, they DO success. They do what it takes to be successful in life, marriage, ministry, business, etc.

A successful marriage has people in the marriage who are DOING what unsuccessful marriages choose to NOT do or avoid. The same with a successful business, ministry, life…if you are going to be successful in any way, you have to DO what you don’t feel like doing sometimes. You have to be who you don’t feel like being at times…you have to go where you don’t feel like going…you have to submit when you don’t feel like submitting…..successful people understand how to swallow pride and humble themselves. They learn how to control thoughts and emotions. Are you controlling your emotions during this season of your life? Or, are you emotionally everywhere….feeding the thoughts that the enemy is putting on the inside of you? Your thought life can make you and those around you, or it can break you and those around you! You have to choose how you will think, how you will believe…If you change your thinking, you will change your LIFE!

Successful people submit to God and do His will because they know it leads to nothing but success. Question to ponder:
Are you positioning yourself for success in every area of your life? πŸ€”πŸ€” #Selah

If not, what changes are you willing to make? Think about it.
Make it a great day fam! Success is waiting! πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½

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