Success blog; / Oct 23, 2015

Why Me???


Because you were chosen for such a time as this!

You’re annointed. You’ve been appointed by God. Called, ordained and substained by Him. God knew that He would be able to use your mess as a message, your test as a tetimony, and your trial as a triumph! You had to be shaken; you had to be pressed down; you had to be rejected; you had to be abused; you had to be neglected. People had to come against you. They had to talk about you. Your spirit had to be crushed. Sickness had to afflict you, but death couldn’t conquer you! Family had to misuse and misguide you. Friends had to backstab you and talk about you. It was all a part of your process!

God had to and still does prove himself to you daily. Sickness had to come to upon you so that Jehovah Rapha—the God that heals– could manifest His glory. The storm had to come so that Jehovah Shalom could bring peace in the midst of it all. Your finances had to suffer so that Jehovah Jireh could come through as a provider for you! Your enemies had to rise up against you so they could see the power and might of Elohim; Jehovah Gmolah—the God of Recompense had to come through! You had to break down and cry so that Jehovah Roi—the God that sees—could provide a breakthrough on your behalf! You had to feel like you were alone so that Jehovah- Shammah—the Lord who is present—could show up!!

Instead of asking “why me”, tell yourself “why not me”! Why not be chosen by God to receive promises, healing, deliverance, and breakthrough! Why not be chosen by God to be a witness of how He brought you out and brought you through! Why not show others that if God did it for you, then He can do the same for them! Why not you!!! You’re strong! You’re powerful! You have influence! People are looking at you and waiting to hear your story of how God greatly used you for His glory! So….why you?? Why not you??? You weren’t built “Ford Tough”, but you most certainly was built “God Tough”! Remind yourself of this daily. Why not you!

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