Success blog; / Oct 23, 2015

Why Let Them In?


Have you ever wondered why certain people ever entered into your life? Have you ever had people whom you questioned whether they were “God sent” or “enemy sent”? The harsh reality to that answer is…..whether they were “God sent” or not, it wasn’t necessarily that you allowed it, but it is the true fact of the matter that God allowed them to come into your life for reason. There’s always a purpose behind your pain. God might not have sent them directly. The enemy could have very well had certain people on assignment to come into your life to distract you, hurt you, misuse and abuse you, deny you, reject you, lie on you, cheat on you, gossip about you, expose you, manipulate you, and then distastefully leave you! Know this. If the enemy sent them, then he got permission from God before they went on their way to that place called your life. But why would God allow them to come?

I have learned over the years that whatever God “allows” in my life, there’s always a purpose and a plan behind it. We have to remember that God’s purpose for us is always for our good. His plans are to prosper us and to give us hope for our future. So, how does hurt end up contributing to our prosperity? It’s called growing pains. It helps us to grow up in areas that we were challenged in. It gives us wisdom, knowledge, and revelation on what to NOT do in our future. We live. We learn. We overcome. We move forward. As much as we hate it, we have to go through something to get something. Even Jesus himself did! In his close network of 12, there was 1 that was a devil. Judas was a part of Christ’s destiny. He was the one that would lead him to His promise.

Don’t worry about any of the Judas spirits that’s in your life or just left your life. Be encouraged. Judas is only setting you up for greatness. He/She is helping you to walk in your purpose like never before. Remember, diamonds went through a process before they came out full of beauty! You are that diamond in the eyes of God. He has blessings and breakthrough on the horizon for you. Keep pressing forward! Oh and…..that Judas spirited person that was attached to you….God will deal with that person. Remember, revenge is God’s. He’ll take care of that person and that situation. Don’t look at the man, but see the spirit behind the man. Love the man. Hate the spirit because it’s not of God! So for all those Judas spirits that have come into your life and gone….you love them anyway! Bless them anyway! Forgive them anyway! They’re in God’s hands. Wish them the best and keep moving forward. Great things are on your horizon! See it before you see it!

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