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Why be STUBBORN???


Yep….we’ve all had our moments of stubborness! We have to be honest with ourselves…how much of our lives evolves around being stubborn? states that stubborn is:

1) unreasonably obstinate; obstinately unmoving.

2) fixed or set in purpose or opinion; resolute: a stubborn opponent of foreign aid

3) difficult to manage or suppress

4) hard, tough, or stiff, as stone or wood

Now, to be stubborn means, in effect, that you plant both feet on the ground, clench your fists & say, “It’s my way. I’m right, & I don’t care what anybody else says. That’s the way it’s going to be.” You’re unmoving, set in how you think or feel, and nobody else’s opinion really matters. This is something that we have to be really careful with. We could completely miss God when we walk in stubbornness. The greatest example of this is Pharaoh when he wouldn’t let the Israelites go from Egypt. Because of his stubbornness, there were consequences that had to be paid which were many, and eventually resulted in death. So, we have to ask ourselves, why are we so stubborn? Why do we have those moments? The reality is, we simply need to get over ourselves. Be open to hear others. We have to make up in our minds that we don’t want to miss anything that God has for us…and stubbornness could cause us to do just that. Look at Pharaoh…look at the prodigal son who thought he had it all figured out….It was all about them and what they wanted. But I have great news! God gives us time to get over ourselves! Yep! So, how can we do that? Follow these simple steps and see how wonderful your results will be:

1) Listen to the other side of the story.
2) Remind yourself that you are not always right.
3) Trust other people, not just you.
4) Keep an open mind.
5) Be humble.
6) Realize that being stubborn is good in some cases. In a case where you know that you are right, or you are defending something dear, and in a case that the decision is yours to take, and the consequences are yours to face, then you might be right to be stubborn. Realize that these moments may appear any time and you won’t always know how to react, but you should go with your instinct and be a strong person.

Getting over your stubbornness is a process sometimes. As long as you are progressing daily, know that God has some great things in store for you! Begin to let go and let God. It’s going to be ok when you let down your guard. Great things are waiting!

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