Success blog; / Oct 23, 2015

Who’s That Bothering You??


If God be for you, then who can be against you? The reality is…no one can stop what God has for you! I don’t care how bad they talk about you, how hard they try to stop you from moving or even how hard they try to keep your mouth closed. Your gifts and talents were meant to be utilized. Don’t worry about the nay-sayers. You can’t focus on man. You have to focus on where you are going. If your focus turns to man, then you will cause yourself to stay right there where you are at. But if you have a BIG vision to do BIG things then you can’t focus on the little people that come against you…cause guess what?? They want you to stay little with them. They can’t see the BIG picture of what God is doing in you and through you. They can’t go where you are going in this season. There is purpose in you! Don’t feel bad about that. Stay focused, determined, and steadfast in knowing that greatness is before you, no matter who is coming against.

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