Success blog; / Aug 5, 2016

Who’s Got Your Back??

I got his….and he has mine!!

It’s our anniversary…..anniversary!! That song is just ringing in my ear y’all! Well, I guess for a reason…hehehehe…today I celebrate 22 years of togetherness and 16 years of marriage with my soul mate, Pastor Derrick Morrissette!! It has been an awesome and amazing journey! God has blessed us through the good, bad, happy and sad! It’s truly a blessing to spend your life with your best friend! I got his back, and he definitely has mine! It’s such an awesome thing to face giants together hand in hand knowing, trusting and believing that you can conquer everything that the enemy throws at you because you are united and more powerful together than you ever could be apart. One can set 1000 to flight, but 2 can set 10,000 to flight! We believe that by faith!!

Has it been easy? Nope!  Has there been trying times? Absolutely! Were there moments when we both felt like giving up? Oh yeah!

But I came to speak to someone today….love is real if you allow God to take over. In our own flesh, we would have done our own thing.  But with God, we ended up doing the God-thing! What’s that?? Well I’m glad you asked! 

We have to learn to get rid of pride and our selfish ambitions and realize that the picture is much bigger than us and our lil world. It’s much, much bigger than us. I often coach my mentees to get one thing if they don’t get anything else…..THE BIG PICTURE! We have to understand that the world is much bigger than us. We have to swallow our pride and embrace the process. We have to learn to intentionally listen and pay attention to the needs of others, especially your spouse.  You simply have to get over yourself!

The enemy strategically attacks marriages. Why? Because it symbolically represents our relationship to Christ. He is married to the church.  What the enemy does is, oftentimes, his attack is directed straight towards the husband, who is the head of the wife. He knows that if he can get the head to fall, the building will crumble. That’s why it’s important to cover the men.  The enemy can’t stand for a man to be in his rightful place. That’s another reason why Boaz gets delayed in finding Ruth. The enemy wants to distract him with Jezebel for a time and a season until he realizes that she’s not the one after all! 

I’m praying for marriages all over the world. God wants to do something amazing in our marriages, but we have to allow him to do that. Swallow your pride, get rid of selfish ways, learn to intentionally listen to the other, work on communicating better, and never lose that passion, zeal and fire that you once had when you first started to date. I know I am. I have no time to play with the enemy.  You shouldn’t either! Marriage takes work. If you’re married, I challenge you to work just a little harder at being the best soul mate to your spouse that you can be! You’ll thank me for it later :-).

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