Success blog; / Sep 22, 2017

Who Touched You?

Yeah, I want to know. Who touched you? Do you know? Check this out.

In the bible, there was a woman. Not just any woman, but there was a woman who had an issue. Not just any issue….she had a major issue! In the midst of her issue, she made up in her mind, that her issue wasn’t going to stop her destination. She was seriously focused. She was seriously determined; however, today, I don’t want to talk about her determination. I want to talk about the simple fact that she touched Him.

Touched, according to means to place the hand, finger, etc., on or in contact with something. So, here’s the thing. She didn’t directly touch Jesus. She touched something connected to Jesus. She touched the hem….a low place in Him that brought her to a high place in life. But here’s the thing….. because she touched something connected to Jesus (even if it wasn’t Him directly, she touched what was connected to Him), something got released!

Ok, I need you to walk with me for a second on this blog. She touched what was connected to him, and it released something from the inside of Him. For Jesus, what was released was His healing power, his healing virtue. The virtue made her whole. The virtue made her issue of no more effect. This virtue completely changed her life!

However, when she touched him, Jesus felt something released. He immediately wanted to know who touched him because He immediately felt something being released from the inside of Him.

My question for you is…..have you taken notice of those that are touching you in this season? Who are they? What are they touching? Are they touching something or someone connected to you, or is it YOU personally they are touching? Have you taken note of what is being released from you in this season all because of their influence, their connection, the relationship? Is the touching releasing your potential or is it releasing failure? Are you frustrated, angry, depressed, jealous, envious, have strife, etc….all because of their touch? Or, like Jesus, is their touch releasing the power that God placed on the inside of you?

Now that’s a selah moment. Think about it. Who are you allowing to touch you in this season? Should there be a disconnect or a continuation of their influence in your life? You make the call. The decision is yours. Just be sure to know this…… the decision that you make NOW is definitely going to influence your NEXT! #Selah

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