Success blog; / May 1, 2020

Who are you?

I have a question for you… Who exactly are you? If you could describe yourself in 10 words, what would they be?

Here’s another food for thought. Think about the person you were 5-10 years ago. When you look in the mirror, do you still see THAT person, or have you evolved? Have you matured and grown into something more? Or, are you about the same?

It’s not a trick question. I seriously want to know. You know why? Because I want to challenge you to look at the person that you are becoming. Do you like that person? Is that person walking in purpose? Or, is that person still the same from 5-10 years ago?

The truth of the matter is….we should all be growing, maturing, and developing into something greater. You should be more mature than you were 5 years ago. You should be closer to your goals, dreams, aspirations, or at least taking more and more steps towards them daily.

God looks for our growth, maturity, and development. He wants to look down upon us and smile, knowing that we are walking in purpose and doing our best to become better each and every day of our lives!

I really want you to evaluate YOU. Who are you? Are you getting better, wiser, and stronger each and every day? Or, are you about the same as you were 5-10 years ago? What steps are you talking to promote growth and maturity? Can those closest to you see the growth? Can they testify to your maturity?

These are things to think about. Whatever you do, each day that God gives you to grow… I want you to wake up each and every day and give it your BEST shot. And when God allows you to wake up again the next day, then it’s ok to start all over again. Whatever you do, don’t stop growing! #Selah

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