Success blog; / Jul 4, 2016

What’s your problem?

What’s your problem?  Let’s be real.  Everybody has a problem, but here’s a truth. Not everybody wants to deal with their problem. They’d rather brush it under the rug.  Not say anything. Not do anything. Act as though it will simply just go away.  But, I got news for you.  A problem not dealt with will always present itself as a thorn in your side. No matter how you choose to ignore the issues, the people, the circumstance, or the situation…guess what?? It’s still going to be YOUR problem.

So let’s do this. I want you to take a minute to analyze what’s going on in your mind, life, relationship, job, etc that’s actually presenting itself as a “problem” in your life.

First step- acknowledge it.  What exactly are you sick and tired of but choose to not really deal with? Dealing with things on the surface will never allow you to get to the root of the issue.

In my prophetic training, I talk a lot about how to deal with roots of problems instead of surface issues.

For example, if you or someone you know is operating with a spirit of bitterness towards a person, thing or situation, you may have some surface problems such as resentment, hatred, unforgivness, violence, temper, retaliation, anger, etc.  So if you see these things on the surface, the root problem will more than likely be bitterness. So now that you have figured out the root, now you got to figure out why it’s there.  Who made you or them so bitter that they have to take it out on the ones closest to them?  What happened?  How did it happen, and why did it happen?  These are things that have to be figured out, or guess what?  You’ll keep dealing with surface problems and never get to the root!

The thing is…you’ve got to figure out the root of the problem.  If not, then once again…it will always present itself as a thorn in your side.  Your life will be like a roller coaster ride.  Always have ups and downs, but never quite figuring out how to have consistency when it comes to your happiness.

Figure out the root.  The surface of the problem is merely a distraction.  Dig deep so your life can be better.

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