Success blog; / Nov 8, 2019

What you don’t see is……

You can’t let what you don’t see interfere with what’s GONNA BE!

Yep, I said it! Listen, a lot is going on right now….in the world and around you. But all of that is a DISTRACTION! Don’t you do it! Don’t get distracted! Let this be your motivation to get yourself back where you need to be…. and that’s FOCUSED!

The cooler weather coming in brings in a lot of things. Laziness. Heaviness. Coldness. Isolation. Frustration. Distractions. Yep, a lot of that goes on in this season, but what also goes on is HARVEST and increase. So, don’t get distracted! I need you to get encouraged….

Breakthrough is around you, but if you start getting lazy about God’s promises and blessings, you might miss it! Listen, this is for me too. In the colder weather, I tend to want to hibernate because I HATE coldness….with a passion! It’s real! But this is the time of the year that I have to encourage myself the most! “Trish….you got this girl! Get up and get moving! Walk-in purpose. Walk-in destiny. Do what God has destined for you to do!”

Encourage yourself! You got work to do! Don’t let what you don’t see interfere with what’s GONNA BE!! #Selah

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