Success blog; / Apr 21, 2017


Well, we probably can make a list of things that we owe to different people or companies, but the bible says that the only thing that we should owe any man is LOVE!

So, this blog is simple. I want to challenge you to do a couple of things so that you can get to your next level:

1) Work hard on getting out of debt. Make sacrifices. Stop splurging. Know your numbers. Know exactly the amount that you need to be debt free so that you can STAY debt free! After you figure out your numbers, set a goal or a vision as to what you are going to do to reach that goal. What are you willing to sacrifice? What are you willing to say “no” to? It’s time. God wants to bless us with our next level, but there are still some things that we need to do on our end to make sure that we get where God needs us to be. Be diligent. Be steadfast. It’s a process, but don’t give up!

2) Figure out who it is that you still have an issue with. Who is it that it’s hard for you to show love to? Acknowledge it. Once you acknowledge it, take steps to forgive and move on. I’m not saying that you have to be best buddies or back in some type of relationship with them, but what I am saying is that you owe them something….you owe them LOVE. Love them from a distance. Love them from afar. Love them up close and in person. But just love them. Nobody….I mean NOBODY is worth going to hell for! Don’t let unforgiveness make you miss God and all his heavenly blessings. Let’s not be fooled. If you have not love, then you have not God. If you can’t forgive, then how do you expect God to forgive? I want you to go all the way back to your childhood to where you are today! Pull that thing up at the root and burn it! Meaning….let it go…the hate, the bitterness, the rejection, the anger, the malice….just let it go! After all, no matter what happened or didn’t happen, you still owe that person LOVE!

So it’s simple. How much do you owe? Are you willing to pay? That’s a selah moment for you. But whatever you do, be like NIKE and JUST DO IT!

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