Success blog; / Dec 22, 2017

We all have a PLAN…

I’m inspired to write to you today about something my husband said.  It was such an aha moment that I had to share!  He gave us a quote from Mike Tyson, the boxer.  Mike Tyson once said that every boxer that he fought had a plan until they stepped in the ring and got punched in the face by him! After that, the hit was so hard and so crucial that they completely forgot the plan that they had going into the ring. One punch got them completely off track! Instead of winning, they took a lost because they didn’t know how to combat the blow to the face.  So, they ducked their tail in and went home with a LOST! After months of training and preparation, one hit made them miss the victory!

My question for you……….is that you?  Did you have a wonderful plan for your life, for your year, for your marriage, for your business, for your destiny…..until that opponent came and punched you in your mouth?  Until that time when things didn’t turn out like you thought they would….until you got so frustrated that you walked away from the very thing that God brought you to all because you got hit with a blow that was so hard that you didn’t know how to bounce back!

Well, let me encourage you, my friend.  As long as you keep living, this thing called LIFE will always hit you in your face! But it’s what you do with the hit that counts! Will you muster up enough strength to keep going until you come into the victory that you’re believing God for?  Or, will you give up in the process because the hit was just too hard?  You will always have a choice.  Sometimes it’s easier to walk away from what God called you to all because things aren’t going the way you like. But just because it’s easier, does it mean that it’s God?  Think about how many people who abort the promises of God simply because they got sucker punched in the face! I don’t know about you, but I CHOOSE to pursue destiny no matter how hard it gets! No matter what gets thrown at you….I challenge you to press your way! Greatness is waiting if you simply don’t get a TKO after life hits you with its low blows and punches! #Selah

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