Success blog; / Jul 29, 2016

Victim or Victor?

Which one are you? Or, should I ask…. which one are you claiming or professing? Exactly what are the words that are coming out of your mouth in regards to where you are right here, right now?
You see….at some point or another, we all have been a victim of something. That something could be rejection, abuse, low self-esteem, rape, molestation, adultery….you name it. But whatever it is…or should I say whatever it was…your reality now should be that you are VICTORIOUS!

That’s right…you have overcome! Don’t allow what happened to you in your past to ever dictate what God is trying to allow to happen to you in your NOW!

Yes, they talked about you. Yes, your husband beat you or cheated on you. Yes, your wife stabbed you in your back….yes, you might be a victim of poverty, yes your best friend lied on you, those that you trusted betrayed you….but yes, God has given you the ability to overcome and to BREAKTHROUGH!!!

Don’t have a victim mentality….have the mentality of the VICTOR! You know….. that one who believes that victory is theirs no matter what it seems like! The one who believes they can overcome it all! The one who talks and motivates himself when no one else is around! The one who stares himself in the mirror and celebrates who he or she is becoming! The one who doesn’t allow fear to overtake them, but they OVERTAKE fears by doing what seems impossible! Don’t be a victim of fear….be a VICTOR of fear! Turn your life into something FABULOUS by simply believing…..and watch God do the rest!

You are not a victim… are a VICTOR!! Remember that!

Romans 8:37
No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.

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