Success blog; / Jan 18, 2019

Things to do for 2019- #3 Find ways to invest in YOU

One of the best investments that you can make in life is in YOU! Yep, that’s right…it’s YOU!

In 2019, I need you to figure out ways or things that you can do to take you, your life, your gifts, your talents, your calling, your finances……find a way to invest in YOU so that you can go to another level in 2019.  Listen, nobody great ever did anything alone. They didn’t get to the next level by themselves. They found somebody who had what they needed and connected with them because they knew it could help them get to the next level.  Who has your next level in their hands? There is somebody that you need to connect with that can help you walk in purpose and in destiny like never before. Open your eyes. See who or what is around you.

Investing in YOU could include going to conferences or somebody’s event, reading somebody’s book, signing up for mentoring programs and trainings, etc. Something is out there just for you. You just have to sow into it.  It’s waiting for you. You have to sow into yourself and get it. Buy the book. Pay for the conference or event. Pay for the mentoring or coaching program. Your next level isn’t free. It’s going to cost you something. What are you willing to give?

Part of my goals every year includes finding ways to invest in ME. I pay for coaches, mentors, books, conferences, events, trainings, etc. I look at what trainings and events I’m going to do, coaching programs, books…I’m always looking at how I can grow and be all that God has called me to be. I realized early on that self- investment was one of the best things that I could do with my life because if I get better, everything around me gets better.

I’m willing to pay the cost. Are you? Find ways to invest in yourself this year. I can promise you….your life will change for the better when you do!

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