Success blog; / Aug 30, 2019

The Sound of FAITH

It’s time for you to open up your mouth. I don’t care what you’re going through right now. All I know is….. there is something that you are believing God for. It could be something big or something small, but it’s something!

You may not see it right now. You may seem far away from it. But I want you to imagine it. I want you to sense it, smell it….I want you to hold it in your hands. In order for you to do that, you have to open up your mouth. You have to start speaking what you do not see. You have to write it on the tablet of your heart. Put sticky notes on your walls or mirrors. Whatever it takes, I want you to envision it and be reminded of it every single day until you see it!

You have to speak those things that are not as though they were. Husband, wife, children, job, business, finances, etc……I don’t care what it is. God needs to hear a sound of FAITH coming from your mouth! He needs to know that despite the way things are right now….YOU TRUST GOD! You believe that He can make a way if you just tap into your faith account! Your faith account can cause you to have good credit or bad credit with God. How much do you have in your faith account? Are you negative? Are you positive? Can you measure it?

Listen, one thing is for sure…’re in a new season which is causing you to believe God for new and bigger things. You have to be willing to FAITH it till you see it! Nothing is too hard for God. You’re not waiting on God; He is waiting on you!

So go ahead and make a deposit into your faith account! It’s time to build it up until God says you can cash it out! Your greater is at hand, but you got to produce a sound of FAITH to get it! #Selah

P.S. This is just a reminder that you can’t give up. Now go ahead and get yourself together! 😉

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