Success blog; / Sep 7, 2020


Oftentimes we want the next level in the things of God, but we don’t realize that WE are standing in our own way. We tend to interfere with the plans of God for our very own life and don’t even realize it! And a majority of times, it begins with our thinking. Everything begins with a thought! You have to analyze exactly what it is that you are giving power to when it comes to your thinking.

James 1:14


A man is tempted to do wrong when he lets himself be led by what his bad thoughts tell him to do.

The enemy knows that if he can trick you into believing or thinking on something that’s not true or good for you, then he can change what God had planned for you through your disobedience to God. What exactly is disobedience, and where does it come from? 

It’s just you delaying or procrastinating on a God-Thing, it’s you believing a lie that the enemy is throwing at you, it’s you not acting by faith on the direction that God is leading you, it’s you holding on to something or someone that God clearly is telling you to let go of, etc. The list can go on and on!

Here are a few solutions for you:

Step 1 – Learn to Stop Your Thoughts. If you know they are wrong, stop feeding them. The more you feed thoughts, the more they grow. The more they grow, the more you become them. If you keep thinking depressive thoughts, you become depressed. If you keep thinking thoughts that trigger anger, you become the angry woman or man. If you keep thinking lustful thoughts, you become an adulterer or fornicator. Yep….. what you think, you become if you don’t learn to stop those negative thoughts!

Step 2 – Identify Your Negative Thoughts.  When you identify thoughts as negative in nature, you can begin to shift them to something better. But if you never identify the thought, you will eventually become what you are thinking!

Step 3 – Write Out Your Mental Movie or Mental Tape. Change the script of your thoughts and begin to create a new documentary of what you want out of life. You have the power to change and create how you want your life to look.

Step 4 – Find the Lie. Behind every negative mental tape is a lie about ourselves that we are choosing to believe whether consciously or subconsciously. A key step is to identify what that lie is. The enemy is the father of lies. He loves to feed our minds with foolish thoughts. Think about it….what has he been trying to get you to believe here lately that is not of God? Selah

Step 5 – Recognize the Truth. The only way to combat a lie is with truth, and right now is the time to seek out what the truth about you is. At this stage is where you pray, read your Bible, and ask God to reveal to you the truth about who you are created to be. 

I hope this helps. This is only the first barrier that I want to talk about. Next week, I’m going to break down situations. Catch the video below as my husband and I break down all 3 barriers in our Pastors Talk Session. It will bless you.

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