Success blog; / Oct 4, 2019

The Prophetic Release of HARVEST

It’s harvest time! It’s time for you to get all that God has for you. It’s time for your faith to go to another level, your strength, your focus, your self-esteem….your EVERYTHING! It’s time!
We are in the last quarter of the year. It’s harvest time!
I want to make prophetic declarations over your life in this harvest season. I want you to see yourself doing all of this. I want you to envision what NEXT looks like, but most importantly, I want you to RECEIVE this word!

I declare & decree:

In this season of harvest, I declare and decree that you will get all that God has for you, nothing lacking and nothing missing.

I decree favor like never before over your life.

I decree wealth and abundance.

I decree supernatural joy and peace.

I decree that fear will not limit you, but your faith will catapult you.

I decree healing to your heart and peace to your spirit.

I decree that you will NOT miss God in this season.

I decree another level of obedience and faithfulness in the things of God.

I decree provision—that you will have more than enough.

I decree that you are a good steward over the things that God has blessed you with.

I decree that you let go of anything that’s not like God….relationships, people, situations, etc.

I decree that you shall find favor with God and favor with man.

I decree that you will move forward in purpose like never before.

I decree that YOU will not get in the way of what God desires to do through you.

I decree that you will WIN!

Receive these declarations in this season of harvest. I am believing God for GREAT things manifesting in your life. I dare you to believe with me! #Selah #HappyHarvestSeason #YouWin

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